T-Shirts Pic

The classic piece of clothing that everyone wears, and is most comfortable, and can look very casual or can be used in a more dressy way is the t-shirt. T-shirts are universal and fun to wear. Even Hannibal Lecter wore a plain white t-shirt. If it's good enough for Hannibal, it's certainly good enough for you.

But that might not convince you of the importance, superiority, and beauty of the lowly t-shirt. So let's engage in a simple mental exercise - a brain game. As you take a close look at the picture below, try to see what's wrong with this guy:

David Gangrel with No T-Shirt! No Way That's Ugly


Did you take a close look?


Notice anything funny?


By now, you should have figured out what's wrong with that guy. His appearance is little "off" and maybe even a bit strange. Do you see what I see?? You do? Good!


That's right - he's not wearing a t-shirt. Instead, he (strangely) chose to wear a button-up shirt. While he does show good taste by leaving the top unbuttoned, and while the shirt is definitely a nice shade of blue...it's not a t-shirt. And t-shirts are best.

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