Nootropics Pic

Nootropics (also called "smart drugs") can help you with so many brain functions. If you want to learn a language, memorize facts, perfect a complicated skill (like learning to play guitar), internalize a script (such as learning the art of seduction or "game"), or even prepare for a test - nootropics can help.

Especially if you have good brain health to begin with.

Some nootropics (like choline) have multiple effects on the body and can even help with things such as muscle-building or even fat burning (try l-carnatine for instance). If you want to explore some of the nutrients that support nootropic functions, you should look at things that promote general brain health and mental function. There are a lot of things that you can add to your diet that can help immensely. Simple coconut oil - added to your morning coffee - for instance, is touted as a great way to kick-start your brain each morning. (This is sometimes referred to as bullet-proof coffee.)

But what if you're poor, or you don't want to take any new-fangled smart drugs, or you hate cool-sounding concoctions like bullet-proof coffee? Is there any way to make your brain work better? Well, there sure is. Do these three things:

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