Homelessness Advice

Homelessness Advice Pic

No one ever wants to become a hobo or a homeless street person. But hey, it apparently happens! So if you've currently got a few bucks - but know you're going to be homeless soon, here is some homeless advice (via Reddit).

First off, ya gotta buy the following items:

If you don't have a phone and can't get your hands on one, libraries are great. You need a verifiable address to get a membership, but memberships last a while. Provided that you smell and look decent (once again, gym showers and hygiene), you can use the library computers to aid you in your job-hunting, as well as finding places to stay. If you have no idea where to start looking for a job, library staff will often be happy to help (provided they're not super busy that day).

And finally, regarding hygiene: If you stay clean shaven, wash with soap in near by rivers, and brush your teeth, no one has to know - and life is 10 times easier.