American Starter Kit

If you're not an American, but you want to be (and who wouldn't?) then you're in luck. If you're already an American, but you're not enough of an American and you want to be better at it (yay for you!) then you've arrived at the correct web page.

While true Americanism is in the heart, it doesn't hurt to decorate your outside as well. This is also known as "fake it till you make it". And it works. The accouterments of an American, when placed upon the person, will eventually marinate the wearer with American Spirit until they are saturated with Patriotic Spirit. At that point, watch out rest of the world - you've got a Real American on your hands!!

The Song "Real American"

First, watch this video. Listen to the words of the song. Enrapture your un-American eyeballs with the vision of none other than Hulk Hogan and visions of things which are unabashedly American. When you're singing this song in the shower and then later in the day you find yourself saluting the flag as it flies outside your local post office, you'll know it's had the desired effect.

An American T-Shirt

Two things going for this t-shirt: one, it's a t-shirt and that's what Americans wear. Second, it's got a freaking Bald Eagle in your face, right on the front. The eagle is challenging anyone and anything else to mess with it. It's like: "SCREEEECH! Come at me, bro! SCREEEEEEEECH!"

Yeah...don't, if you know what's good for you. The USA American Patriot Attack Eagle is an eagle like no other.

USA Eagle American Starter Kit T-shirt
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More American Stuff Coming Soon. Check back often.